Unique Flowers is India’s largest online flower and gift delivery website. This website provides delivery of flowers, cakes and gifts on all festivals and occasions. The goal of our website is to provide a great service to all users.

Where Can UNIQUE FLOWERS deliver products?

Unique Flowers offers its gift and flower delivery service to almost all the cities in India.

How can I buy products from UNIQUE FLOWERS?

You can order online through our website uniqueflowers.co.in. If you face any difficulty in placing an order, you can call or message to our customer service no. / Website from Monday to Saturday from 8 Am to 9 Pm and you can also send us mail on support@uniqueflowers.co.in to share your feedback.

Will my product look exactly as shown in image on the website?

In the case of cakes and flowers, the picture shows the design of the products available. The actual product may differ slightly from the image shown on the website. It is always our endeavor that gifts are always given as shown in the pictures, but many times small changes have to be made due to small cities or lack of product availability. When we need a major change, we contact the customer first.

Can I order for customized product?

Sure you can. For customized order please call on our helpline no. or chat with our customer support.

Do you deliver all products everywhere?

We deliver our products to most places in India, but sometimes we are unable to reach our products in very remote or inaccessible places.

Is there any particular time of delivery?

All orders placed are delivered within business hours (8AM – 10PM). You have to choose from the given options for delivery on time or at midnight.

Can I order from UNIQUE FLOWERS without creating account?

Yes, you can.

Mid-night delivery is available or not?

Yes, Mid-night delivery option is available. Mid-night delivery timings are 11:00 PM to 12:30 AM.

What date should I select for mid-night delivery?

If you want delivery in the mid-night, then choose a date a day before that day like if birthday is on 2nd Feb so, you have select date 1st Feb.

Can I modify my order after placing on website?

For modification in your order, you have to give a request 24 hours in advance or call on our helpline. No changes can be made at the time of order process or delivery.

Do you provide Cash on delivery (COD)?

Sorry. We are providing perishable items so, we cannot provide Cash on delivery (COD).

What kind of payment modes is available?

We have different types of payment modes available with us:-

  • Online payment with any Credit / Debit Card
  • Pay through PayPal
  • Pay through PayTm

Are my transactions are safe with UNIQUE FLOWERS?

Our website is fully protected by SSL encryption. The ‘https’ shown in the address bar on your browsing screen is proof of a secure connection. It is through the SSL protocol that your data and transactions are accepted and provide a high level of security.

Can I cancel my order?

To cancel any order, please contact us on our helpline +91 987654321.

Can I ask for a partial cancellation of my order?

To make changes or partially cancellation in any order, please contact us on our helpline +91 987654321.